His memory is fuzzy, and he attempts to log out, but is unable to return to the real world. If Kirito waking up soon is a necessary condition for victory as is they should maximize its effect by having him nearby as well. Did Kirito wake up after the final battle of alicization and if he did what happend? Does kirito wake up or gets free from alicization in the web novels? is the 4th main Arc (第四部, Dai Yon-bu? This just begs the question, when is Kirito's fluctlight going to be repaired? Alice runs and ejects from underworld. In essence, Kirito shouldn't have been able to do anything when his HP reached 0, but he was still determined to end the game because Asuna believed he would end the game for her sake. Spoilers for episode 18 of Sword Artwork On-line Alicization Conflict of Underworld . There, he meets a boy named Eugeo. ( Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 7) It was Kirito, who finally turned the predicament upside down, who was resurrected. Meanwhile, Kirito and Asuna have spent 200 years trapped in Underworld, with an additional 30 years passing before the acceleration is stopped. Summary of Alicization War arc: Kirito is in essentially one step above a comatose state in underworld. Unless, they logged kirito out in that 20 minutes but didn’t/couldn’t wake him up immediately. That would, logically make his new, replaced arm a slight bit weaker. Kirito wakes up in an unfamiliar virtual world and remembers nothing about how he got here. Eugeo quickly wakes up from his nightmare and saw his arm extended upwards towards the ceiling. This obviously wasn’t done in a 20 minute time span (they show the dates too iirc). Laughing coffin members enter underworld and control the dark territory. Kirito in Danger? Yea, didn’t notice that their names were different. After wandering around aimlessly, he finds himself underneath a colossal tree. This … Kirito is taken to a hospital and the doctors tells Asuna and Kirito’s family that he is stable but it’s unknown when, or if, he will ever wake up. Kirito initiates a tracking spell to locate Eugeo's sword, finding it in a frozen bath hall on floor 90, but Eugeo is nowhere to be seen. The poisoning leaves him in a life-threatening comatose state, and he wakes up in a virtual world called the Underworld. 12:55. Kirito Wake up! It is slated to be the longest season of the series yet as it adapts the novel’s 9 th volume “Alicization Beginning” to the 18 th volume “Alicization Lasting”. Kikuoka then approaches them, offering to transfer Kirito to a better facility, but when Asuna and Suguha pay a … We soon learn that Kirito is taking part in another technological experiment. - Akihiko Kayaba, Sword Art Online programmer. I don't know about dual wield, if the anime was slightly realistic, it would take incredible balance and the ability of having both arms having equal control and strength. E3 | The End Mountains. A company called Rath is developing “Full-Dive technology”, which allows a person to enter a virtual world and act in it as if it is the real world. Due to the landscape, if they lose here they get overrun by the enemy's vastly superior numbers. 7. To Alice's horror, she finds Bercouli in a petrified state and begins to cry. This is an expected 48-52 episodes which are more than twice the number of previous season’s episodes. A few seconds later I started to look around the room, the area was a mess and there was ice shards everywhere. By June, 2026, Kirigaya Kazuto (Kirito) was offered a job at a private enterprise, named Rath, by Kikuoka Seijirou, the VR crimes division member who Kazuto had been cooperating with ever since the end of the Sword Art Online incident. "Kirito! Sword Art Online: Alicization has returned with the second half of its third season, and it's the start of the intense War of Underworld arc. "Eugeo, please! my prediction Alright, so SAO War of Underworld episode 9 is the latest episode and Asuna has just been entered into UW. Do you think Kirito will ever wake up from alicization and into the real world? by Anim8 4 months ago 65 Views. This concept is reasserted when Kayaba appears before Kirito in ALO and reminds Kirito about how he acknowledged this. Higa logs out Kirito and Asuna and brings the acceleration back to 1. She’s the first person that he sees when he wakes up. If Kirito doesn't wake up soon, they lose. It turns out that this new area is known as “Underworld,” but it feels like nothing Kirito … All of a sudden I saw Kirito on the ground unconscious. God-kun (kirito) also lost an arm. Alicization (アリシゼーション, Arishizēshon?) "This might be a game, but it's not something you play." PoH's overwhelming strength had put Asuna and her friends in a desperate situation. The most recent episode of Sword Artwork On-line Alicization Conflict of Underworld marked the return of Kirito to the battlefield. Kirito makes up his mind to journey to Centoria. Saving Kirito for later doesn't help. Both Kirito and Eugeo are powerless to stop the knight. ... Kirito get's up ad start's running but then gets hold down by a few villagers. Kirito!" Feeling insecure about the people at the Axiom Church, Alice brings the unconscious Kirito back to their hometown—Rulid Village, disregarding her banishment due to an unabsolved crime. ), the black swordsman lastly received up from his wheelchair and moved – and the web rejoiced! Also, Kirito may finally wake up in “Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld” chapter 16. After this, Kirito wakes up in the real world, crying. The Little Mermaid In Asia. In light novel Kirito wake up in the last volume of the Alicization arc, that means the last 3 or 4 episodes of the anime, since they will take a break after 12 and come back in spring that means in June It's more of an anomaly rather than any sort of plot hole. SAO offers its fans an enthralling plot based on the light novel series written by Reki Kawahara and illustrated by Abec. by Vidgood 3 … After a yr and a half (real-time! ... Alicization. Alicization (anime) spoiler. But that brings up … Watch episodes of Sword Art Online Alicization right here on HIDIVE. As if VR death games, hostage situations and dangerous AR plots weren't enough, the "Alicization" arc begins with Kirito being stabbed in real life by Johnny Black, a former member of the murderous Laughing Coffin guild in SAO. Sword Art Online will finally be launching the final part of the Alicization saga, and the final trailer for War of Underworld's second half teases Kirito's return to action at last. Alice wakes up to find herself carried up to floor 95. After three weeks, they wake up and … Watch Episode 18.5 of Sword Art Online Alicization on HIDIVE. Very OP. His memory fuzzy, he tries to log out, but is unable to return to the real world. Kirito makes up his mind to journey to Centoria. Sword Art Online's third season has started the War of Underworld arc with a Kirito looking much worse for wear than ever before. Can a novel reader spoil me how/when Kirito wakes up from his vegetative state? They need Kirito for this battle. ... Kirito wakes up to find himself inside a mysterious world evoking a fantasy game. ... Kirito wakes up and wins the war. I will post them over the next few days as I try to proof-read them a little more and start working on the next batch of chapters. Vassago Forces Kirito Out | SAO Alicization War of Underworld Episode 16. by Anim8 3 months ago 51 Views. Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris tries something different by actually being faithful to the story of the Alicization arc from the beginning, where Kirito wakes up in a field with no memory of how he got there. Now, Alice is living an ordinary and peaceful life close by the village, wishing for Kirito to wake up. I ran over to him yelling. Kirito had been in a state of mind loss since the second half of the Alicization Arc due to regret over losing Eugeo. )† 1 in the Sword Art Online series. I dont have enough time tobread the light novels but im intrested in what happend whit kirito and asuna after the final battle and of course whith alice too. When will Kirito wake up? His memory fuzzy, he tries to log out, but is unable to return to the real world. As he teeters on the brink of death, Kirito wakes up to find himself inside a fantasy game, resembling a mysterious world. If download Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris, then you can be sure: the story begins in a completely different way from the original version, and this is the first intrigue. I woke back up then putting my hand on my head, it hurt a little but not much. yeah i think that that will be somewhere towards the end few episodes and i think that asuna will eventually either enter that arc as well as maybe his other irl friends or something. E3 | The End Mountains. I now this is a spoiler but I really need to now as well if kirito does wake up what happens when he wakes up please give me in really good detail. ... Tales of Porosia, I have written out the first few chapters of Alicization in Perpetuity in advance as well. Eugeo was also telling Kirito to wake up and in his mind, ... Alicization War Of Underworld" episode 18 showed Kirito finally waking up as calls of help from his friends and Asuna get through him. foxen anime foxen sao sao alicization foxen Kirito God Mode kirito wakes up sao alicization war of underworld ep 18 Sword Art Online Alicization WOU Season 2 sao alicization wou sword art online war of underworld episode 18 review Sao war of underworld episode 18 Kirito meets vassago Kirito wakes up Asuna uses mother’s rosario Mother Rosario Asuna Kirito wakes up alicization Kirito awakens SAO Alicization War of Underworld Part 2 Final Season Trailer. Start a 30 Day FREE Trial, ... Kirito wakes up to find himself inside a mysterious world evoking a fantasy game. Set shortly after Kirito wakes up from Underworld. Underworld *Saturday, June 27, 2026,*