The National Provincial got in touch with Easypower’s bankers, Heller & Partners. Lord Reid. As this involved giving Easipower credit they asked Easipower's bankers, the respondents, for a … In Hedley Byrne, Hedley Byrne, advertising agents, had been indirectly informed by Heller & Partners Ltd, the bankers of Easipower, a company wishing to place a large order, that Easipower was a "respectably constituted company, considered good for its ordinary business engagements". v. HELLER & PARTNERS LIMITED. 21 Jun 2007. Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners (1963) C, advertising agency, sought assurances about a client from their bank. Hedley Byrne v Heller & Partners 1963 House of Lords JUDGMENT-1: LORD REID: My Lords, this case raises the important question whether and in what circumstances a person can recover damages for loss suffered by reason of his having relied on an innocent but negligent misrepresentation. Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller & Partners Ltd (1964) Facts: The appellants (Hedley Byrne) were advertising agents who had contracted to place advertisements for their client's (Easipower) products. If Easipower did not pay for the advertising then Hedley would be responsible for such amounts. A customer, Easipower Ltd, put in a large order. Facts Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd (Hedley Byrne) was an advertising firm. Concerned about Easipower’s financial position, Hedley Byrne enquired with National Provincial Bank about obtaining a report from Easipower’s […] Hedley Byrne v Heller [1964] AC 465. Hedley Byrne were a firm of advertising agents. They intended to advertise on behalf of Easypower Ltd. The Appellants, who are advertising agents, claim damages for loss whichthey allege they have suffered through the negligence of the Respondents, who are merchant bankers. Heller & Partners reported that Easipower Ltd was credit-worthy, and in reliance on this statement, Hedley Byrne placed advertising orders for them. Hedley Byrne v Heller. These assurances turned out to be negligent. Young And Rubicam Hedley Byrne has the activity of Marketing Services,Marketing,Advertising,... And is located at 24 ALFRED ST - Cape Town Held that the bank was not liable because they had included a disclaimer when giving advice. Hedley Byrne v. Heller [House of Lords] [1964] AC 465 Summary: Hedley (the appellants) were advertising agents who had provided a substantial amount of advertising on credit for Easipower. Hedley Byrne were a firm of advertising agents. Y&R acquires Hedley Byrne, South Africa. HEDLEY BYRNE & COMPANY LIMITED. Facts. WPP announces that its wholly-owned marketing services network, Y&R, together with Memeza, Y&R's South African empowerment partner, has acquired a 51% stake in Y&R Hedley Byrne (Proprietary) Limited, (“Y&R Hedley Byrne”) a leading South African advertising agency, specialising in retail advertising. Easipower Ltd (Easipower) submitted a large order to Hedley Byrne. In this case, Hedley Byrne, an advertising agency, approached Heller & Partners for a credit check on a third company, Easipower Ltd, before carrying out advertising orders on their behalf. They wanted to know if Easypower were creditworthy, and asked their bank, the national Provincial, to find out. Hedley Byrne & Co Ltd v Heller and Partners (1963) ... On this occasion, the appellant advertising agency had taken steps to ascertain the financial credibility of a new client; which while careless in its execution, left them at a considerable loss when the information proved worthless. 28th May, 1963.

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