$50 $99, By Lassen / With its architectural background, by Lassen pieces are sharp and easily recognisable. Also released during the Stockholm fair but light years away in terms of style was the 'Saxe' folding chair designed in 1955 by Flemming's brother, Mogens Lassen (1901 -1987). An icon we use to indicate a button link is external. $150, By Lassen / From Fred International in Australia Free delivery for orders above AUD150* within Australia. Penchant for Danish craftsmanship has … $250, By Lassen / By Lassen is a Danish design brand focused on iconic designs created by Mogens and Flemming Lassen, founded by Lassens’ relatives in 2008. With the sole aim of bringing life to his grandfather’s designs, Søren now finds himself as the caretaker of an important family legacy. Order By Lassen Australia wide from only one place - Designstuff. by Lassen’s mission is to $600. By Lassen Flow Cushion - 35 x 70 - Grey ORP $159
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