Introduction. Definitions. Public or private landed property. A prefix code is a type of code system distinguished by its possession of the "prefix property", which requires that there is no whole code word in the system that is a prefix (initial segment) of any other code word in the system. DISTINGUISHED PREFIX REVIEW COMMITTEE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES . 05/31/2018; 2 minutes to read; In this article. ACS 11.2. Another word for distinguished. The name or word is of a neutral gender. for Distinguished prefix interpretation. The origin of the suffix, land if from Middle English land or Old English land. Distinguished prefix is defined as follows: A Professional, Instructional or Research academic staff member at the Distinguished level performs at a level of proficiency typically requiring extensive experience and advanced knowledge and skills. distinguish definition: 1. to notice or understand the difference between two things, or to make one person or thing seem…. Learn about surname prefixes and suffixes. Distinction definition, a marking off or distinguishing as different: His distinction of sounds is excellent. ACS 11.0. UW’s Hastings earns ‘distinguished’ title prefix A UW-Madison faculty associate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication with 20 years of experience sending countless students into successful careers has earned the honor of having the prefix “distinguished” added to her title. Professional Series. Documentation Required. Find more ways to say distinguished, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I. DEFINITIONS. The LDAP API references an LDAP object by its distinguished name (DN).A DN is a sequence of relative distinguished names (RDN) connected by commas.. An RDN is an attribute with an associated value in the form attribute=value; normally expressed in a UTF-8 string format.The following table lists typical RDN attribute types. Distinguished Prefix. To distinguish means to tell apart. See more. How to use distinguished in a sentence. A list of prefixes, starting with the letters A to J, defined in Suffix Prefix Dictionary. Click on a prefix to display its definition and etymology, as well as examples of use. ACS 11.3. The definitions below originated in the February 27, 1992, University of Wisconsin System guidelines for Distinguished prefix interpretation. Distinguished Names. ... Land - The suffix, land finds its meaning is in the solid ground of the earth, especially as distinguished from the sea. ACS 11.1. A nation. Distinguished definition is - marked by eminence, distinction, or excellence. Learn more. If you win the lottery, you’re going to need to learn to distinguish between people who really like you and people who like your money. Synonym Discussion of distinguished. The army version of the Distinguished Service Medal is typically referred to simply as the "Distinguished Service Medal", while the other branches of service use the service name as a prefix.